War Alone

Publisert: 1. september 2011 i Dikt


They captured me alone
Wrong religion, different tone
They did not care
They broke my bone
They took away my home

My father yelled with different words
The music captured from above
Four young men with bitter swords
Their eyes were blind for love

In the darkness I was waiting
To hear the sound of joy
I tried to dig it in my heart
I had to burn my toy

The sound of music in my ear
Got lower every night and day
My leg I could not move nor bear
The light of Teddy faint away
What are those voices I can hear
I can not feel the words they say

A solider, my father said
Is feared with words of other men
«If you are one, and they are ten
They`ll slaughter you my friend»

The fear of hate and love alone
Lives in their word and tone
As hard as stone
My broken bone
The sun shines in my home


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